Climb Every Mountain

This summer, I’m going to walk the Inca Trail to raise money for Practical Action. In order to get there, I need £2850, all of which will go directly to the charity.

Yikes. That is a lot of money.

For those of you who don’t know, Practical Action is a really fantastic charity that funds development projects all over the world. Their projects range from providing clean water that is safe to drink to building up infrastructure such as transport, urban planning and effective waste management. It’s a UK-based charity but their projects are based in the Sudan, Bangladesh and Peru, to name but a few.

As for the Inca Trail, it’s a monster. I’ll be going through the Lares Valley and on to Machu Picchu, reaching altitudes of more than 3660 km above sea level. The trek ends at the Sun Gate of Machu Picchu, and I’m willing to bet that as I enter the majestic ruins of the Inca city I’ll be on the point of passing out.

So in order to get there – and to get through the trials and tribulations that fundraising will undoubtedly bring – I’m going to keep track of all of my fundraising efforts on this blog. I’ve been raising money for about four months now and am just about on track. To see my total – or to donate, if you’d like to – please go here:

Over the next few months I’ll be writing up my fundraising efforts. So far, I’ve gone to a week of lectures in fancy dress and operated a Valentines’ Day Delivery service, and I’ll be discussing the merits of both of those events and giving any tips to future fundraisers. I’ll also be doing a breakdown of my fancy dress week, including giving details of how I put together my five costumes and didn’t break the bank!

Thanks for your support and wish me luck!

Total so far: £676
Projected final total: £2850
Amount left to raise: £2174