March 2022 Update

HOO it has been a busy month. The paperback of The Shadow in the Glass has been released in the UK and March has been a WHIRLWIND OF STUFF.

Let’s put the book stuff up top:

  • The big one: my book! It’s a paperback now! UK people, you can get a copy here.
  • In fact, you can get SIGNED copies, because I went on a SIGNING TOUR OF BOOKSHOPS. Only in London but I promise when I travel I’ll bring a signing pen with me.

I have been rushed off my little feet. Anyway, here are the non-book updates:

  • I went to a printers and saw how books are made! It was neat. I forgot to take any pictures bc I was too interested, but counterpoint, I did spill a glass of water everywhere.
  • More episodes of Lads on Tour are out! Check us out, we’re very funny.
  • So far this month I have read five books, but I’ve got the best part of a week left, so I think it’s gonna be six.
  • I watched the cinematic masterpiece, Velocipastor. It’s about a priest who gets the power to turn into a dinosaur who starts fighting crime (yes, really). It’s the worst film I’ve ever seen and I love it irrationally.

1 thought on “March 2022 Update”

  1. My main WIP, Tale of the Cattail Forest, is still being worked on—–at least it got it to the 6th draft. But feels close until time for publishing, but doesn’t have a cover yet or doesn’t exactly have a final manuscript yet

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