The Shadow in the Glass – publicity blogs!

Hey guys! So I’m still working on some publicity stuff for the US release of my debut novel, The Shadow in the Glass, so no normal blog post this week. But! Some of those publicity things are blogs, which I’ve posted here.

Here’s what I’ve been up to!

Breaking the Glass Slipper – here’s five questions about fairy tales which I answered for Breaking the Glass Slipper. I talk about gender (obviously), happy endings, and what it’s like to be an author and an editor at the same time.

Fresh Fiction – I played twenty questions with Fresh Fiction! I talk about characters, setting, writing advice, and my favourite 80s power ballad.

How to Read a City Like A Book – I wrote a blog post about how to use a city as a historical source for Frolic! Reading is only one way to research a historical setting, and architecture can teach you a lot!

Spotlight and Giveaway – and finally, Harlequin Junkie is doing a giveaway of my book! It’s US only and more details are in the link – and also some more questions I answered, plus a little extract for you!

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