Adventures in Fundraising

Fancy Dress Week: Particularly Good Finders

The last costume in my week of fancy dress was definitely my favourite. On the last day I lived out my childhood dream and dressed as a student of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.


I have been a die-hard fan of the Harry Potter series since I was a teenager, so much so that my sister’s friends frequently call me in to settle trivia-based arguments, so I put quite a lot of effort into this costume. A while ago I joined Pottermore and took the official Sorting test and was sorted into Hufflepuff.

I was crushed.

I eventually came to terms with the fact that I would never be a Ravenclaw and decided to raise money for charity in true Hufflepuff style. The bulk of the costume was pretty easy to put together. Because I knew there was no way I could afford a proper Hogwarts robe I worked from the movies’ version of the Hogwarts uniform. It’s very similar to most British school uniforms, and while I didn’t get an exact replica I certainly captured the uniform look. I wore a plain white shirt, a black skirt, black pumps and a grey jumper.

The accessories was what really made this outfit, and they were surprisingly easy to find. I found a very close replica of the Hufflepuff tie for under a fiver on Amazon, and I happened to find a Hufflepuff badge lurking in my bedroom – I think it came from a Christmas cracker when I was ten. The scarf was a little more difficult. I actually went to the Harry Potter shop at Kings’ Cross station (and saw Platform 9 and ¾ OMG) but once I had gotten over my initial bout of squealing I was extremely disappointed to find that the shop did not stock Hufflepuff scarves. I skulked away – secure in the knowledge that no-one wanted to be a Hufflepuff – and eventually found one on Amazon for a pretty reasonable price. The best part was my Hogwarts acceptance letter, which my friends gave me for my birthday, and allowed me to pretend that I really was magical.

I really enjoyed wearing this costume. It was perfect: it was comfortable, it was pretty clear who I was supposed to be, and it was sufficiently nerdy, so I felt like I was in on some secret inside joke all day long. The only problem I had – and it really was a minor one – was that it was extremely cold and my paper-thin tights didn’t really keep my legs warm. I solved that problem by buying an emergency pair of long, grey socks, which kept my legs warm and kept the overall look of the costume intact.

I was very happy with this costume. I will be wearing it again – as part of my fundraising plan I said I’d wear the most popular costume in my final exam. I’m very pleased that this one won, as it’s by far the one I feel most comfortable in. I know it’s not an exact replica of the Hogwarts uniforms, but to be honest, I’m just proud that I made something so convincing in such a short amount of time.

Thank you for reading my costume posts; I hope you like them. I’ll be announcing my next fundraising project very shortly, so keep your eyes peeled! If you’d like to donate – and I would be extremely grateful if you did – then you can do so here:

Total so far: £1000 (yay!)
Projected final total: £2850
Amount left to raise: £1850

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