Fancy Dress Week: Elementary

The fourth costume in my week of fancy dress was, I’m sorry to say, less than impressive. I was dressed as Sherlock Holmes, and overall I’m not really happy with this costume.


When I first chose this costume I thought it would be relatively easy to put together. I’m more familiar with the recent BBC mini-series than with the original Conan Doyle books, so I chose to base my costume on the clothes Benedict Cumberbatch wore in the role of Sherlock. His style is quite formal, plain and dark – apart from the scene when he was wearing nothing but a blanket and I decided pretty early on that I wasn’t going to try and replicate that. This presented a challenge: while I had pretty much everything for the costume, because of its plainness it would be relatively difficult to convey who I was supposed to be. I did manage to get hold of a deerstalker hat – and from Baker Street, no less – and in the end I wore a black shirt, shoes and trousers to complete the ensemble.

Needless to say, this didn’t really work. Adding a hat is not the best way to make a costume, and without Sherlock’s iconic coat – either Cumberbatch’s grey one or the original tweed greatcoat – it just looked like I was wondering around in a silly hat. Oddly enough, when I had buttons taped to my glasses or was wearing a bright pink wig, I felt less embarrassed than I did in that costume. It was nice to be able to take off the hat and pass as a normal person for a few seconds, but ultimately, I would have preferred to have done this one properly. Unfortunately, time and money made this impossible.

I wasn’t really happy with this costume. I think if I was going to do it again I’d put a lot more effort in, and maybe splash out on a coat which would add to the costume (or perhaps a pipe, if my budget is going to remain this tight for the next few years). Strangely enough, going overboard on a costume actually makes it easier to wear in public; as I hadn’t really gone all-out with this one it was by far one of the most embarrassing days of the week. If I was to do the whole week again I’m not even sure if I’d include this costume, but that’s looking pretty unlikely.

Next time I’ll be looking at my last costume; my very own Hogwarts uniform. If you’d like to follow my progress – or better yet, to donate to my cause – you can do so here:

Total so far: £960
Projected final total: £2850
Amount left to raise: £1890

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